Frequently Asked Questions
How does the subscription work?
We currently offer monthly credit plans to tailor for different investment needs.
Can I cancel my subscription?
Credits will expire each month, offering maximum flexibility for our users.
I’m interested in an asset that isn't currently available, can I put in a request?
We are expanding our asset coverage on an ongoing basis, email us at [email protected] to tell us what we should cover next!
How are revenue predictions calculated?
We customize each predictive model for our revenue prediction. Each model uses a different weighted combination of macro data, historical performance, and social media data to estimate potential investment gains.
Are your revenue predictions back-tested?
Yes! We backtest our models with two years worth of data and our revenue predictions are, on average, 26% more accurate than Wall Street Estimates.
How many years of data does your dataset contain?
We generally hold two years worth of data, however this may vary due to data availability of different assets.
How do you collect your data?
We collect our data using our proprietary data collection process through a variety of online sources and alternative channels.