Chain of Demand Overview

Next-Generation Investment Platform for a New Generation of Investors
Founded in 2017, we have been specializing in processing alternative data and generating insights through our proprietary AI co-developed with Carnegie Mellon University for institutional clients. As cryptocurrencies rose to prominence in recent years, and with the blurring barriers between traditional and decentralized finance, we saw an opportunity in the market to help retail investors navigate a multi-asset investment world by providing tools and access to quantitative investment opportunities.
We’re on a mission to democratize investment opportunities for all. Traditionally, risk managed, high-growth investments have been exclusively reserved for institutional investors (who service high net worth individuals and other financial institutions) in large part due to the abundance of resources and capital available at their disposal. This has left most of the investing population unserved because of the high initial capital requirements of hedge funds, wealth managers, etc. We want to change this — envisioning a world where all investors are able to participate in professional-grade investments to meet their financial goals and to grow their wealth for a better future.